Re: Solaris source

Larry McVoy (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 22:28:09 -0700

For all of you that haven't found it, my web page is

Unless my mailer is screwing up it is also in my .signature.

Furthermore, I've received confirmation on the Solaris source deal

. A Sun (SMCC) VP (Okin)
. A Sun sales rep (Henningsen)
. A former Sun manager (Kessler)

That's too many people for it to be a hoax.

On top of that, it makes perfect sense for Sun to do this. The primary
motivation is the research community which has been migrating to Linux
in droves. The deal is that researchers can easily collaborate using the
Linux source base but it is much more difficult with Solaris. This has
been a problem for Sun for years but there has never been an alternative.
Now that Linux is widely available and PCs are as fast as Suns, what's
the advantage of a Sun?

If you were Sun, what would you do?