Re: Solaris source (fwd)

Larry McVoy (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 22:18:25 -0700

: > : > since they mention Linux specifically as one of the incentives behind
: > : > their "free Solaris source" marketing announcement?
: > :
: > : Sorry I didn't address that one :) I don't think that announcement came
: > : from Sun; I think it is bogus. I don't think Sun would EVER say
: > : something like "This competes against the Linux blah blah"; it just does
: > : not sound like them!
: >
: > A Sun VP says you are wrong.
: Who is this Sun VP? I'll call him personally.


Hey, Mr Butthead that think's I'm not telling the truth. Where the hell
do you get off questioning my word? Hmmm? Jerk.

The VP in question is Ken Okin, Vice President of desktop systems in Sun
Microsystems Computer Corporation, my former boss and a personal friend.
He is also the person that paid me to work on the free operating system
proposal for about 9 months. Work that resulted in Sunsoft spending
$89 million to buy out all rights to AT&T SVR4 license fees and now has
resulted in Sunsoft finally seeing the light and giving up the code.

It's safe to say that both I and Ken have more than passing knowledge
of this deal and I resent like hell some little pip squeak suggesting
I made up some VP out of nowhere.

Feel free to give Ken a call. Try and treat him with a bit more respect
than you treated me.