My wish for the next Linux-Release...

Herbert Wengatz (
Mon, 01 Jul 1996 16:02:28 +0200

Hi there!

I assume I have a rather common problem with Linux.

It's simply that my Kernel won't fit any longer into memory.
Oh, no! Not what you _may_ think, I have 40 megs of RAM.


I have the following hardware (all in one PC!):

1 NCR PCI - SCSI Controller w. 2 Disks,
1 AHA2940W - SCSI Controller w. 2 Disks,
1 TELES S.0 16.3 ISDN-Card,
1 NE2000- Clone,
1 PAS16-Soundcard,
1 Graphic-Card, :)
1 SCSI Streamer,
1 SCSI-CD-ROM Drive,
1 Logitech Handy-Scanner,
1 Modem (1st serial Port),
1 Mouse (2nd serial Port),
1 Parallel Printer.

--- Got the feeling ?

OK. I'm well stuffed, but all this works (more or less) under
MS-DOS/ Windows.

All these need their special support included into the kernel under

So, under Linux I'm currently forced not to use the SAMBA-fs, NFS, nor
may I use my Scanner and I feel like I'll get some troubles with
PPP via ISDN in my near future. I also can't install the sound-driver
with all features enabled...

But I'd like to soon use SAMBA and NFS, since I'm building up a little
LAN at home, with the PC of my girlfriend and my old Sun 3/60.

And there are some more features I'd like to use, like firewalling,
and, and, and...

Can anybody give me hint, what I can do ?

Shall I buy a different Network Card ( I know, I should, but are other
drivers smaller ???), or kick out one of my SCSI-controllers ?


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