Re: My wish for the next Linux-Release...

Albert Cahalan (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 02:17:37 -0400 (EDT)

> From Tue Jul 2 11:51:01 1996
>> I can hardly blame him if he is using vmlinux. The zImage (or bzImage)
>> is buried way down the tree: /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage
>> Whatever it is that gets compiled should get an _obvious_ name and
>> be put in the root of the source tree. I really don't care if it
>> is moved or just symlinked. (a copy would waste space)
> Well there are alread a few options...
> a) make install
> b) make zlilo
> c) make zdisk

This will know to put it in /dos/linux/kernel/2-0-0.ker, and to
put the map in /dos/linux/map/ of course. Then it will
add a Linux entry second in /etc/lilo.conf, move the old kernel
down, and give the old kernel a name like 1-99-12.

> Then for those hard to please, the location of zImage was documented
> the last time I looked (egads! You mean I have to read? Oh no!)

It is, but documentation does not make something a feature.
The documentation even looks seriously incorrect for non-i386.
Over the years I've seen _many_ people use the wrong file as
their kernel and complain here or to comp.os.linux.*.
The following symlink (adjusted by arch) would really help:

Linux -> arch/i386/boot/zImage