Re: My wish for the next Linux-Release...

H. Peter Anvin (
3 Jul 1996 02:35:32 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Albert Cahalan <>
In newsgroup:
> >=20
> > Well there are alread a few options...
> > a) make install
> > b) make zlilo
> > c) make zdisk
> This will know to put it in /dos/linux/kernel/2-0-0.ker, and to
> put the map in /dos/linux/map/ of course. Then it will
> add a Linux entry second in /etc/lilo.conf, move the old kernel
> down, and give the old kernel a name like 1-99-12.

You betcha. "make install" will do *anything you darn well please*;
if you don't like the default you can install your own
/sbin/installkernel script, and it will be used.

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