Re: [off-topic] BP6/HPT-366 problems? [Was: Dual athlon support?]

From: Tim Timmerman (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 00:18:02 EST

>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Maxwell <> writes:

Gregory> On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, Aleksandr Koltsoff wrote:
>> > BP6 is great as long as you forget about the broken onboard HPT366...
>> Ha, and I was wondering if I was the only one with the problems with
>> this setup.
>> So, what are the problems with the BP6 if anyone would care to explain?
>> Or rather, is there any way of increasing the stability of the setup?

Gregory> Open case, remove BP6, chuck through window.
         Bit harsh...
Gregory> More usefully, it seems to be reasonably stable if you:
         0. Get a big enough power supply.
         The current consensus is that the board has issues with its
         power plant. A 300 W power supply (I have one, and my board
         is very stable) helps, and there is a thing you can do with a

         More info on the abit mailing list;,
         I think.
Gregory> 1. Don't use X
         Use it all the time.
Gregory> 2. Don't use an AGP video card
         Got one..
Gregory> 3. KEEP IT COOL (i.e. if the room isn't 72F put a fan on the
Gregory> BX)
         Always good advice.
Gregory> 4. Upgrade the bios to the newest revision
         Still on the original LQ Bios
Gregory> 5. Don't overclock (duh)
Gregory> 6. Don't use the HPT66 controler.

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