Re: Bad SMP race in getblk()

From: Kevin Buhr (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 23:14:09 EST

clubneon <> writes:
> Today I did write a scipt that unpacked the kernel tree, copied a .config
> file over, and then did a "make oldconfig dep bzImage" and then deleted
> the tree and started over. I let it run for about an hour. No problems.
> I then did a "make bootstrap" of gcc 2.95.2. No problems. I then built
> "binutils" and "make". I followed that up with OpenSSL and OpenSSH. No
> problems.

[ . . . ]

> So feeling lucky, I went back to "glibc" one more time. BOOM! Missing
> file, try agian, missing file, try again, segfault, try again, oops.

Well, you could try switching to a 2.2.xx kernel and compiling
"glibc". It wouldn't be conclusive, but it would certainly greatly
reduce or increase the probability that it's a kernel bug.

> And as I said in another post. One bonnie++ runs fine (and fast). But
> when I tried four concurrent bonnie++s. Oops.

Could this be the difference between the "glibc" and other compiles?
Perhaps "glibc", by default, does a parallel make? Does the kernel
compilation still work if you pass "-j3" to "make" (or change the line
in the top-level Makefile to "MAKE=make -j3")?

Kevin <>

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