Re: 2.2.14/APM: Thinkpad 560 can suspend/hibernate only once

From: Peter T. Breuer (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 14:12:01 EST

"A month of sundays ago Justin C. Darby wrote:"
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> This is not just a problem with thinkpads, this is a problem with 3com. I've
> received16 emails from people with non-ibm laptops (mostly toshiba, dell,
> and gateway) telling me that they have the exact same problem with 3com
> cards of virtually every "Megahertz" flavor (nics, modems, nicmodems under
> windows, etc) available.

If it's any help, I have always run thinkpads and I have 3com and
MehaHerz cards for them. Never had much trouble under the 2.0.* kernels
and before. once I learned to compile the APM stuff using "disable
multiple suspends" or whatever is the option (sorry, I'm flaked out and
can't make it to the file to read).

Yet to try a 2.4.0 test kernel on them though.

> I don't beleive it to be Linux's problem, or the machine's problem, I think
> it's the device itself. (Sorry I'm not replying to the original person who
> said, "I think it is an APM issue on particular Thinkpads.", but I seem to
> have misplaced that email.)


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