Re: 2.2.14/APM: Thinkpad 560 can suspend/hibernate only once

From: Justin C. Darby (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 13:59:09 EST

This is not just a problem with thinkpads, this is a problem with 3com. I've
received16 emails from people with non-ibm laptops (mostly toshiba, dell,
and gateway) telling me that they have the exact same problem with 3com
cards of virtually every "Megahertz" flavor (nics, modems, nicmodems under
windows, etc) available.

I don't beleive it to be Linux's problem, or the machine's problem, I think
it's the device itself. (Sorry I'm not replying to the original person who
said, "I think it is an APM issue on particular Thinkpads.", but I seem to
have misplaced that email.)

If I have time later tonight, I'll go over the 3com nic driver for my
perticular card and see if I can find anything outstandingly no-no-ish about
it, however I strongly doubt thats the case.

Justin C. Darby

P.S. I cleaned up the headers a bit, I was getting 4 of basically the same
email there for awhile, so I figured I'd do the world a favor. :)

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> > I think it is an APM issue on particular Thinkpads.
> I tried some more tests. In single-user mode, it suspends and resumes
> fine. If I start up pcmcia ("/etc/rc.d/init.d/pcmcia start"), still
> no problem. Same after I stop pcmcia. But then I restart pcmcia,
> load _and unload_ the modem card, stop pcmcia; now, no luck with
> suspend ("apm: suspend: unable to enter requested state").
> I'm using pcmcia v3.1.8, with options: [pci] [cardbus] [apm]
> Here are the loaded modules in single-user mode (and before and after
> stopping pcmcia):
> Module Size Used by
> nls_iso8859-1 2240 1 (autoclean)
> nls_cp437 3748 1 (autoclean)
> vfat 9360 1 (autoclean)
> -Sanjoy

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