Re: Help, error messages from DVD drive access in 2.3.24

Bernard Wei (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 08:59:56 -0800

Actually, "cp file.disk /dev/fd0" will work just as well as dd. I created the
file as "cp /dev/fd0 file.disk" and this gives me a 1.44M image.

CD on the other hand is a little different. I can copy image as
"cp /dev/scd0 file.iso" and create a cd by "cdrecord dev=1,0 speed=4 file.iso"

The file is correctly copied to an iso file and I can even mount it as a loop
iso file. I compared every files in the iso file with the files on the CD, not
one difference. Just don't know what those error messages mean in the beginning.

As Jens pointed out earlier, those messages are non-data tracks. I guess it makes
sense, since it doesn't affect the data in the iso file.

Chipzz wrote:
> Just a quick guess, but don't you have to use dd for things like this?
> (You need dd to copy a floppy image to floppy)
> Chipzz AKA
> Jan Van Buggenhout

- Bernard Wei -o) o) o) /\\

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