Re: SV: Upgraded to 2.1.107 ... almost succesfully - Follow up.

Brian Schau (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:06:15 +0200

Hi Brendan,

Yeah, I remember the thread. I just thought the problems was solved

Holding my breath until Doug conjures something up ... Doug, don't let
my face turn blue!

Best regards,


Brendan Miller wrote:
> > Questions: Are there problems with the adaptec-driver in 2.1.107? Are
> > there problems with the scsi-driver in 2.1.107?
> Yes. Actually, if you look through the posts to this list, Doug Ledford
> said that, in fact, there are negotiation problems with *all* 5.0.xx versions
> of the aic7xxx code. He's madly working on 5.1.0 right now to solve these
> problems and to add Ultra2 support. Go back and read the thread
> "Re: Trouble with (aic7xxx)5.0.19 driver on Linux" if you still have it,
> or monitor Doug also said he
> would post to linux-scsi and when he had something
> completed for us to try.
> But this scbptr SELTO stuff is known for a lot of people in 2.0.34 and
> some in 2.1.10x. I have my Adaptec chain unplugged right now as I
> anxiously away Doug's new driver. (All my critical stuff is on a BusLogic
> BT-958.)
> Brendan Miller
> P.S. Doug, we're prayin' for you!

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