Re: atalk/appletalk

Kevin Fenzi (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 12:04:56 -0600 (MDT)

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Buell <> writes:

Alex> Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>> "ifconfig eth0 allmulti" then start atalk, then "ifconfig eth0
>> -allmulti" it works fine. The mac and the two linux boxen can see
>> each other and all is working. If I boot under 2.0.34, it all works
>> without the allmulti. Any idea what is going on here? Something

Alex> I believe the 2.0.x kernels had a default routing, but this is
Alex> no longer the case under 2.1.x kernels - you have to explicitly
Alex> specify this.

Can you elaborate?

My (possibly out of date) ifconfig man page says:

Enable or disable the promiscuous mode of the interface.
This means that all incoming frames get sent to the
network layer of the system kernel, allowing for
networking monitoring.

So for some reason atalkd need to put the interface in promisc mode
when it starts up? Why can't it do this itself? It's running as root.
Why does it need to do this?

any netatalk people out there?

Alex> Cheers, Alex.


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