Re: [2.1.99] some fixes

ADAM Sulmicki (
Sun, 3 May 1998 13:55:59 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 3 May 1998, Peter T. Breuer wrote:

->"A month of sundays ago David S. Miller wrote:"
->> +++ linux/net/ipv4/ip_fragment.c Sun May 3 16:34:48 1998
->> - if (fp->len < 0 || count+fp->len > skb->len) {
->> + if (fp->len < 0 || fp->offset+qp->ihlen+fp->len > skb->len) {
->> This fix is DEAD WRONG, the fix is already there in the code, look at

->?? I thought this was the nestea.c fix, as sent out by Alan? If the
->final fix wasn't this, I would like to see it posted somewhere. The
->comment I saw indicated an off by one count, and that this was the fix.

The thing is that there are two fixes, one is by Allan
the other is by Daivd. They esentially do the same thing
but in different ways. Still those are for **2.0.x** tree.

As far as I know there has been only one fix for 2.1.x tree
and it has been made by David, and it is already in 2.1.x tree.