(Off-Topic) AIX Behaviour?

Phil's Kernel Account (kernel@eiterra.nls.net)
Sun, 3 May 1998 13:52:47 -0400 (EDT)

*sigh* Anybody here familiar with.. *shudder* AIX?

I've got a cow-orker here who wants to "learn UNIX." He's got to
administrate an AIX box (there's no way in hell he can right now; he
doesn't even know bloody chmod/chown, much less mv) very soon (I'm doing
it right now, covering his ass. Why, I don't know.) and only has x86
boxes. I'm not gonna advocate the purchase of another R6k Power240. So
anyways, back to the subject..

Is there a way to get Linux to act more like AIX? And more importantly, is
there a way to get AIX stuff to run on Linux? Thanks.

-Phil R. Jaenke (kernel@nls.net / prj@nls.net)
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