Re: Kernel Source Tree Size: Platform Subsets?

Kevin Lentin (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:24:10 +1100

On Fri, Feb 27, 1998 at 11:08:20AM -0600, Keith Rohrer wrote:
> (1) We must not make the amount of data to be archived much larger.
> (2) We must not make patching any more painful at all.
> (3) We must split off enough stuff to justify the number of pieces.
> If we can do that, the developers who need the whole thing can
> learn to use mget rather than get. I just don't think we can
> manage 2 and 3 by splitting off the architecture directories.

I manage 2 & 3. 3 saves quite a heap of space. Several megabytes.
2 I manage with a little script I have added into patch-kernel that removes
any patches for non-i386 architecture-specific files so that patch doesn't

I've threatened several times to write a couple of scripts to split up the
tarballs and patches. I might actually do it someday and see if I can run
it on the kernel mirror we have here at Monash.

> applying whole-tree patches to a partial tree (this would take at
> least a smarter patch tool and probably a new patch format as well).
> There also may be valid objections I don't remember or which are
> new...

OK, for instance, put this in between uncompress and patch:

#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
/^diff .*\/arch\/i386/ { printit=1; print ; next }
/^diff .*\/arch\// { printit=0; next; }
/^diff .*\/include\/asm-i386/ { printit=1; print; next }
/^diff .*\/include\/asm-generic/ { printit=1; print; next }
/^diff .*\/include\/asm-/ { printit=0; next }
/^diff / { printit=1; print; next}
printit { print }
{ next }

eg my patch-kernel looks like this in the middle:
if $uncomp ${patchdir}/${patch}${ext} | /usr/local/bin/pgrep | patch -p1 -s -N -E -d $sourcedir

where pgrep is the 'patch-grep' script above. Works fine. Has been for at
least 8 months which was when I sent rm-rf through the arch directories.

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