Re: even the press likes us ;-)

D. Jeff Dionne (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 18:44:56 -0500 (EST)

> > ...talking about ARMs on too-big-PDAs:
> > What's about the PSION Series 5???
> > Small like a glasses etui, 8MB RAM (extendable by CF Disks)
> > ARM 7100 processor?
> PSION wont provide any documentation, any information and aren't even polite
> about it. In my personal opinion (and not just in terms of Linux) they have
> a major attitude problem with the psion5 and its no wonder their developer
> base is running to windows CE ("Hello would you like some free sdk's little
> boys and girls" says Bill).

That's exactly what Palm was like when we started (at that time, we were
just porting gdb and trying to talk to the darn thing over serial). They
come around if you prove you can help them in some way. The XFree86 team
I think has found the same. But there is interest from ppl in Psion5, I've
had a few mails about it from ppl who noticed the PalmPilot stuff (which
of course is little or no help to them).

> > Hey, wants one to implement LINUX on that machine...
> > Thousands of users would be happy (including me ;-)
> You should have asked Psion for documentation before you bought it. Pity
> cos the hardware has potential its just attached to an apple like inability
> to understand that taking a smaller share of a bigger pie makes more
> money.

At least with PalmPilot, the _whole_ device essentially is a 68328 with all
the stuff Mot intended hooked up the standard way (the digitizer is not
described, but...) Mot would like to sell more of those chips, so anyone
can get a data sheet, and then it's just a matter of having a quick look at

It helps them sell the device, there is no two ways about it. It's because
of the gcc we ported that there are so many excellent (native PalmOS) apps
available. Linux will help yet again. Ppl looking for docs out of Psion
might try telling them about this, it's turned out to be sucessful for Palm.


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