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Jason McMullan (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:22:54 -0500 (EST)

'Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote with particular insight...'
> Now, I've been explicit about defining my terms. Would you like to be
> specific about defining yours, please, and be concrete about where all
> of these "input_stack" and "keyboard mappers" might live? I can see
> problems already, but I don't want to make assumptions about how you
> think the brave new GGI world will work.

The Brave New GGI World


event: A keypress, mouse movement, or command
that is passed through an evstack

evstack: A handler that processes/filters/
acts on events sent to it.

stack tree: A tree of evstacks

/dev/event: At any point in the tree, a /dev/event
`hook' can be inserted that reads
events from the parent of the node,
and can write events to the child.
Allows for user-space implementation
of what would normally be kernel code.

scroller: An interface to control text consoles.
Provides mode setting, scrolling,
font control, text display, etc.
Display can be KGI driver, `null',
a Braille display, etc...

input device: A special evstack that generates
keypress/mouse/etc events and
receives control (head switch,
capslock, etc) events.

output device: (ie, pc speaker) receives control

input_stack: The stack tree that processes
events from input devices.

console_stack: The stack tree that recieves CmdTtyWrite

termstack: A VT's emulation stack. Recieves CmdTtyWrite
events, draws on a scroller.

The Overview

|----input devices ----------\
| |
| input_stack
| |
| console_stack <- hold active VT#
| / | \
| xterm xterm xterm <- xterm emu termstacks
| | | |
| VT1 VT2 VT3 <- scrollers
| | | |
| \ | /
| \ | /
| KGI Head 0

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