Re: VFS 64-bit clean

Matti Aarnio (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 14:42:35 +0200 (EET)

> The following patch adds support for large files on EXT2 on 64bit machines.
> Once the kernel will be able to handle large files on 32bit machines, this can
> be easily changed.
> On sparc64, even 32bit programs can make use of large files: llseek works
> as expected, using xstat one can get the 64bit st_size...
> By large file I mean a file up to 16.06GB for blocksize 1K, 256.5GB for
> blocksize 2K and 4.004TB for blocksize 4K (ext2 so far does not allow large
> block sizes, although on machines with PAGE_SIZE 8K and higher it could be
> easily extended).

Could you also provide patches for e2fsprogs ?

> Cheers,
> Jakub
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/Matti Aarnio

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