Changing PCI/IRQ config with buggy bios ?

Eric Estievenart (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:47:31 +0100 (CET)

Hi all !

I recently bought an Adaptec 2940, and my bios decided to allocate
the same IRQ for this card and my video controller, a Diamond V330 (AGP!)

The consequence is that I cannot run the xserver, it totally freezes my

I suspect that it is a bug in the bios, but for the moment Gigabyte had
not answered to the questions I mailed them, so I wonder if it is possible
to do the buggy bios work in a part of a linux kernel. However, reading
the sources, I suspect that the kernel totally assumes that the bios has
done his job well, and can use the peripherals with their IRQ settings (or
maybe I have read too fast).

I do not expect you to solve that problem, you certainly have
others things to do, but if you could give me some clues in order to do
that, I would appreciate.

I had an other idea, which would be to write in the bios memory
the good values for the peripheral, and ask the bios not to reset the
configuration data, but I don't know if it is possible. Maybe the bios
stores only the IRQs reserved for legacy ISA cards, maybe it stores the
information Bus/device/Irq in it, but I'm not a bios specialist, so, I
don't know.

Thank you for your help, sorry if you find my mail off-topic (you
can flame me !), and continue your good job !

  `6_ 6  )   `-.  (    ).`-.__.`) Eric Estievenart
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