Re: VFS 64-bit clean

Theodore Y. Ts'o (tytso@MIT.EDU)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 14:46:27 -0500

From: Jakub Jelinek <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:16:13 +0100 (MET)

The following patch adds support for large files on EXT2 on 64bit machines.
Once the kernel will be able to handle large files on 32bit machines,
this can be easily changed.

Before this patch goes into the mainline kernel, we're going to need add
some feature bits to the superblock so that the kernel can distinguish
filesystems that have this functionality versus those that don't. We
can also use this functionality to make e2fsprogs compile both on older
and newer platforms.

I can try making the necessary changes to support large files, but I
won't be able to test them. (Of the two Multias that various people had
lent/given me, one baked itself because I didn't realize the vertical
stand wasn't a good idea, it was absolutely necessary for thermal
reasons, and the otherone had a surface mounted bypass capacitor clipped
off the motherboard as I tried sliding it into the Overly Cleverly
Designed case of the Multia (sigh, my fault), and any other kind of
Alpha is Too Damn Expensive. Anybody have a spare Sparc 64 they're not
using? :-)

In any case, let me take a quick look at the changes and try to come up
with a new set of integrated kernel and e2fsprogs changes that will
support large filesystems. Given my current lack of a 64-bit
development system, someone else will need to test the changes, but
given the enthusiasm of the people who wanted 64-bit support on
linux-kernel, I'm assuming this won't be a problem. :-)

- Ted

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