Re: soundblaster problems in 2.1.74 and 2.1.75

Russell Coker - mailing lists account (
Tue, 23 Dec 97 09:28:57 +1000

>I'm trying to get my soundblaster 16 PnP card working in kernel 2.1.75 but
>am having problems when I try to load the sb.o module. I'm using isapnp
>to set up the card and this is an output of what the card is being set to.

>Board 1 has Identity e5 ff ff ff ff 70 00 8c 0e: CTL0070 Serial No -1
>[checksum e5] Peek(CTL0070/-1)[0][0x70](INT 0) is 0x0702, (7,2)
>Peek(CTL0070/-1)[0][0x74](DMA 0) is 0x01, (1)
>Peek(CTL0070/-1)[0][0x75](DMA 1) is 0x05, (5)
>Peek(CTL0070/-1)[0][0x60](IO 0) is 0x0220, (2,32)
>Peek(CTL0070/-1)[0][0x62](IO 1) is 0x0330, (3,48)

>My kernel config is set to match.


>When I try to load the sb.o module, I get the following output.

>/lib/modules/2.1.75/misc/sb.o: init_module: Device or resource busy sound:
>Device or resource busy

Run "modprobe sb io=0x220 irq=7 dma=1 dma16=5"

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