Re: Memory hole 15-16Mb, how?

Christer Weinigel (
22 Dec 1997 23:44:06 -0000 (Darryl Miles) wrote:
>I would like to be able to put 4 of these cards into a machine and there
>isn't enough space between 640K-1M (after VGA/MDA/Video-BIOS/Motherboard-BIOS
>and SCSI-BIOS etc... have all take their cut out of it).
>The card can easily be configured to reside anywhere within 0 and 16M. My
>motherboard can map out the 15-16Mb region (which I believe is specifically
>designed for my purposes). But Linux boots up only finding 15Mb, the
>machine has 64Mb.

I have a patch which allows a memory hole in linux at:

Give "hole=15M-16M" as a kernel parameter to specify a memory hole.
The patch also contains some code which should be able to
automatically detect a memory hole and the amount of memory on a Intel
430 FX chipset, it should be safe on other chipsets too, but I haven't
tested it a lot.


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