Re: 2.1.70: stange NFS modes

Bill Hawes (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 18:47:50 -0500

Ildar Khabibrakhmanov wrote:

> Hi, Bill:
> I just booted 2.1.75 and checked if I can still use NFS server on AIX
> Here is what I get
> [ildar@isas62 milo]$ rm -rf ttt ; mkdir ttt ; ls -ld ttt
> drwxr-xr-x 65535 65535 65535 4294967295 Dec 31 1969 ttt
> Seems like you previous fix disappeared from 2.1.75!?

No, the previous patch code is still in 2.1.75, but it looks like it
needs to be a little smarter. Note that in the example you posted the
result _is_ a directory, even though all the data for it is obviously
wrong. Or perhaps the server is directly copying the sattr into the
fattr, as the mode flag in the sattr now includes the directory bit.

Probably for the server you're using we should just assume that mkdir
never delivers valid data, rather than testing whether it's a directory.
But this should probably be on a per-mount basis.