Re: IBM Thinkpad compatibility...

Peter Belsanti (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 10:41:55 -0400

We are using the high-end IBM thinkpads running RedHat 4.1 for demo
purposes of our financial software to clients. Works great, everything
is OK, PCMCIA is just fine, etc, etc, etc.

Problem areas:
1. We had to hack the XFree86 stuff to work at 1024x768 on th local LCD
panel. It was only able to go as high at 800x600 out of the box.
2. We're still trying to get the non-essentials working (like modem,
sound, etc) but since they don't play a part in the purpose of these
laptops, this has become somewhat of a lower priority.

p.s. Preliminary tests show that what takes 50 seconds on a P200-MMX
laptop, takes 80 seconds on an SUN ULTRA-1 workstation.
p.p.s. ...and...30 seconds on a P-Pro 200
(This should drive the point home!)