Re: other platforms and Linux compile...

Alan Cox (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 09:39:58 +0100 (BST)

> So how difficult IS it to compile linux for another platform?

Firstly you have to have gcc. If you don't have the gnu tools then porting
those to that platform is probably essential (thats the big reason nobody
has done an IBM-RT port).

> There doesn't seem anything (obvious) in Documentation/* or the like and
> I'm wondering what's all involved.

Duplicating arch/[cputype] and include/asm/[cputype] for your platform. There
are some passable docs on this on the Linux/L4 site.

> Yes, I'm being non-specific. To some extent I'm just curious about how
> difficult Linux is to run on various platforms.... and perhaps put out a
> file into Documentation/* so there IS info on this?

Its not _that_ difficult and its getting easier. Each platform that is
a port knocks out more awkward spots. The mklinux/hppa port for example
resolves stacks that grow up rather than down and the signal delivery
with these.

After that you get to port glibc, user space and X11 - thats probably
the harder part.