[karda: sgi dat blocksize]

Harald Koenig (koenig@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de)
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 13:24:37 +0200

in comp.os.linux.hardware David Parsons recently wrote:

> >I would like to be able to read SGI DAT tapes (4mm tapes where 90m will
> >store 2GB) on my linux box and create tar tapes on my linux box that are
> >readable by the SGI workstation.
> You can't, unless you write the tapes on the SGI with a tiny blocksize.
> Why? when the scsi tape driver was converted into a module, it ended
> up using kmalloc to allocate buffers. Kmalloc will allocate up to
> 128k-slop bytes, and the default blocksize on the SGI is 256k.
> I keep a 1.2.13 kernel (with st.c hacked to support 256k blocksizes)
> around just to read tapes from SGIs.

any chance that this can be fixed/patched for 2.0.X kernels (doesn't need
to go into main stream if nasty/ugly) ?

if not, is using >128K tape blocks possible with recent (or future) 2.1.X ?

keeping with 1.2.13 is not an option for a friend who has just this problem
to read SGI DAT tapes with a PC needing 2.0+ drivers...



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