DIPC (Distributed IPC) version 0.9.1 is available

Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:48:09 +0330

From: mshar@vax.ipm.ac.ir (Kamran Karimi)
Subject: DIPC (Distributed IPC) version 0.9.1 is available
Organization: IUST (Iran University of Science & Technology)
Keywords: distributed parallel programming multi computer Kernel IPC DSM
WAN TCP/IP heterogeneous

This is to announce that version 0.9.1 of DIPC (Distributed IPC) for Linux
is available now. This release features some important bug fixes.

DIPC can be used to build and program multi-computers.

The file dipc-0.9.1.tgz, containing the complete source code and documents,
can be obtained by anonymous ftp from sunsite.unc.edu, in /incoming/Linux, or
in /pub/Linux/system/network/distrib/dipc.

Alternatively, it can be downloaded from DIPC's web page:

Kamran Karimi