Re: What do you think of STREAMS?

Larry McVoy (
Mon, 12 May 1997 17:51:42 -0700

: The STREAMS implementation that exists for Linux
: is much like the IRIX one Larry, it's bolted "on top" of the fast
: stuff so only the bozo's using STREAMS even go through those code
: paths. And you can config the sucker completely out, which is what
: most people will do anyways.

We at SGI have sadly learned that the above is not true. STREAMS lets
you do things like push on your own line discipline. Only a an idiot
would do that you say? Well, yes, but framemaker seems to be such an

So on SGI's, if you want to run Frame, you must run STREAMS.

If you choose to make STREAMS a part of Linux, please disable any
interfaces that allow applications to use it directly via push/pop.
Or we'll all get stuck with it.