Re: 2.0.30 & ISDN lockup

David S. Miller (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 03:49:06 -0400

From: (Paul Slootman)
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:28:19 GMT

BTW, apparently (most?) people who use the HiSax 2.0 driver don't
have problems. This in turn raises the question why the HiSax
driver is not included in the patch. It was submitted to Linus many
weeks ago, and the author was dismayed to find it was not
included. The HiSax driver is much more robust and stable than the
teles driver currently in the kernel sources.

Firstly, Linus has been extremely busy and overwhelmed, secondly...

If I recall correctly you also submitted these patches to me some time
in the past few weeks as well? Am I correct? If this is the case,
then I specifically told you that I did not put the patches in, and I
also told you exactly why. The reason I gave to you was that the ISS
patch set was becoming large and unwieldly at that point in time, and
my aim was stability and ease of bug fixes up and until Linus did an
official release. The ISDN patch set you gave to me was rather large
and I wanted to avoid it for 2.0.30.

Furthermore, just the other day I made a specific statement on
linux-kernel that _NOW_ is a perfect time to start feeding those sorts
of changes to me for 2.0.31, not 2 weeks or less before a 2.0.31 is
actually released. I also stated that if people started feeding me
these driver updates some time in the next week or so they are almost
guarenteed to be merged in and directed towards Linus for 2.0.31 with
%100 of certainty.

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