Re: 2.0.30 & ISDN lockup

Paul Slootman (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:28:19 GMT

Ricardo Kustner wrote:

>i've just upgraded from kernel 2.0.29 to 2.0.30 and when I try to start
>to use the ISDN
>connection to my Internet provider my systems crashes... no kernel
>panick but a plain
>old not-even-capslock-responds-deadlock :(
>am i the only one with this problem? could it be the kernel,
>isdn4linux's isdnctrl or
>maybe my teles driver?

I've heard of more complaints of this. Apparently nothing has been touched
in the ISDN code by this patch, so it must be related to a change elsewhere.
Perhaps the ISS stuff conflicts in some way with the ISDN ppp stuff? Are all
the ISS patches still available? I could try to find where the problem

BTW, apparently (most?) people who use the HiSax 2.0 driver don't have
problems. This in turn raises the question why the HiSax driver is not
included in the patch. It was submitted to Linus many weeks ago, and
the author was dismayed to find it was not included. The HiSax driver
is much more robust and stable than the teles driver currently in the
kernel sources.

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