2.0.30 & ISDN lockup

Ricardo Kustner (hammer1@xs4all.nl)
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 00:03:33 +0100


i've just upgraded from kernel 2.0.29 to 2.0.30 and when I try to start
to use the ISDN
connection to my Internet provider my systems crashes... no kernel
panick but a plain
old not-even-capslock-responds-deadlock :(
am i the only one with this problem? could it be the kernel,
isdn4linux's isdnctrl or
maybe my teles driver?

i have a AMD 486 DX5/133 with a Teles SO 16.3 ISDN adapter... 2.0.29
works smoothly
but 2.0.30 doesn't :(


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## Linux silly 2.0.29 #41 Sun Mar 23 23:01:46 GMT+0100 1997 i486