Use CD-ROM on Sound Blaster Card

Bryan Parkoff (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 23:31:34 -0500


I am new to Linux. I have Sound Blaster AWE32 Plug and Play. I do not
know how to compile the configuration. I have AWE32 script that comes from
OSS Linux. I tested to hear the sound. It works fine.
How can I tell OSS Linux to detect CD-ROM? I don't think that I probably
need to use "mount /dev/sbpcd /dev/cdrom..." I may use different command.
I downloaded ISA PNP Tools from Red Hat FTP site. Note: It won't work on
my computer because my computer has four EISA and two ISA slots. How can I
find EISA PNP Tools?
Can you give me direction how to install CD-ROM and Sound Blaster AWE32
together in Linux, please?
I appreciate your help when you respond to my questions above.

Thank you,

Bryan Parkoff