Re: UMC 8881/8886 chipset

Roy P. Turner (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 23:44:27 -0500

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Bob Nielsen writes:
> On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Roy P. Turner wrote:
> > I saw one message about support for this chipset a while back. Has anyone
> > done any work on support for the UMC 8881/8886 PCI chipset or better yet,
> > does anyone have any working patches. Just curious.
> I used a m/b with this chipset for several months--no patches, no
> problems. Of course, I probably didn't do anything that challenged it
> either.

I realize the chipset will work fine without specific support, but what
I was more interersted in was support for performance enhancements in
the way the kernel supports the intel triton chipsets, and 5-6 others
under 'other ide chipset support'. All those chipsets will function
fine without the kernel support "turned on", but I'd assume they perform
better with it. Thanks though :).