Re: Use CD-ROM on Sound Blaster Card

Steven Howe (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:13:15 -0700

Bryan Parkoff wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to Linux. I have Sound Blaster AWE32 Plug and Play. I do not
> know how to compile the configuration. I have AWE32 script that comes from
> OSS Linux. I tested to hear the sound. It works fine.
> How can I tell OSS Linux to detect CD-ROM? I don't think that I probably
> need to use "mount /dev/sbpcd /dev/cdrom..." I may use different command.
> I downloaded ISA PNP Tools from Red Hat FTP site. Note: It won't work on
> my computer because my computer has four EISA and two ISA slots. How can I
> find EISA PNP Tools?
> Can you give me direction how to install CD-ROM and Sound Blaster AWE32
> together in Linux, please?
> I appreciate your help when you respond to my questions above.
> Thank you,
> Bryan Parkoff
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I don't think there are any eisa PNP cards. So that's not a good

There are two part's to loading pnp cards under linux. (depending on
your motherboard):

1a) a newer motherboard with pnp config BIOS will setup the cards before
any OS has loaded.

1b) Most eisa board do not have pnp config BIOS, so the next thing to do
is configure the irq and base I/O after you have load an OS. Most pnp
cards come with a configuration software for DOS. This software detects
preempted I/O and irq address, then queries the pnp's configuration
tables for irqs and I/O address that are not in use. Then the
configuration software will install a piece of boot code that will set
the pnp card and exit. The process for linux is the same. The
configurator software is your brain however (your could have the DOS
configurator configure the PNP card, then get it's irq and Base I/O from
there). You'll need to find the available irq and I/O address yourself
before using the boot code set utility. Readmore about the in pnptools.

2) Under linux you will need to compile the sound card's irq, and I/O
address into the kernel before the kernel will 'see' the hardware.
Check out the /usr/doc/HOWTO/Sound-HOWTO.gz (using zless) on 'how to' do

Steven Howe