Re: If Linux is to succeed

Alexander Sanda (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:27:08 GMT

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Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

>most Microsoft APIs are >largely< redundant. Say i've counted 1500
>different API calls in windows.h ... and that doesnt include new bloat
>like ActiveX, 3D stuff and the networking nightmare called Netbeui and SMB
>over TCP.
>Compare this with the 167 Linux system calls.

Well, not completely fair. Most of the Win32 API is GUI related. For a
fair comparison, you should add ad least the Xlib+Xt API.
Alternatively, you may add the Motif API.

Of course, even adding kernel API + Xlib + Xt + Motif won't reach the
number of 1500 calls.

But yes, the plain Win32 kernel API (the kernel32.dll), which does not
contain GUI related stuff is a pig compared to the small & efficient
Posix API.

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