Re: If Linux is to succeed

Alexander Sanda (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 14:27:07 GMT

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"Jon M. Taylor" <> wrote:

>> >Sorry for the waste of bandwidth but the subject is
>> >the most important one facing Linux, and it has been
>> >mentioned on the list.
>> I second the motion to have a separate list for Linux advocacy
>> ("linux-future");
> Count me in, too. Lots of people, myself included, occasionally
>want to discuss 'where Linux is/will/should be going' type topics, and
>they do have a place, but that place is not linux-kernel. Linux-kernel
>is huge enough just with the appropriate technical discussions |->.

For all those, who want to advocate Linux: Why not "contributing" to
comp.os.linux.advocacy or

Currently, there are some interesting threads running ("Linux/UNIX vs.
NT") for example.

IMHO, open a new mailing list for advocacy stuff, doesn't make much
sense. There are already quite a few newsgroups for this kind of

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