Re: Async IO

Nathan Bryant (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 09:38:50 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Jose Carlos Benfati wrote:

> There were suggestions about using clone(2) to implement AIO. I was
> wondering if implementing function calls in libc that emulate the APIs
> found in other unices by using clone(2) wouldn't solve all this discussion
> about lack of AIO. It could even use a pool of threads so that the (small)
> overhead of clone(2)ing would be paid only for the first calls.
> I am now looking for pointers to clone(2) documentation, other unices AIO
> documentation and procedure to integrate this into libc. Any help is
> welcome.

I had the same idea, and I'd just started work on putting together such a
library when I got your email :) What I'm planning to do is build a
library that sits on top of LinuxThreads and glibc, and implements the
asynch i/o stuff as found in POSIX 1003.1b. (This is the aio_read() etc.
stuff in Solaris.)

I've found that man pages from other Unices are easy to find on the WWW.
Just run an Altavista search for the function your looking for... Note
that Solaris has two different asynchronous I/O interfaces: aioread(),
which is their own proprietary interface, and aio_read() which is POSIX

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