Re: 3c590

Eric Horst (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 10:18:36 -0800 (PST)

Phillip, are you working with Don Becker on this? I've been talking to
him recently about the same problems that people are describing. He has
sent me a little patch and I may have been the reason that he's updated
the driver recently. However, he didn't mention that somebody else (you)
have been working on something that might help. Quite frankly, it appears
that you might be working independently and haven't talked to him. If
this is the case I'd urge you to do so. There isn't much point in having
his official driver and an alternative one both in active development.

Please don't take offense, but Donald Becker has been a well respected
Linux developer for years now and you appear to be coming out of the blue.
In absence of any knowledge of you I'm inclined to listen to DB. And if
you are making valuable improvements I'd trust them more if I knew that DB
was aware of them and including them in the official driver.


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> I am working on an improved 3c59x driver. I posted a diff on linux-kernel
> yesterday, and it might have fixed your problems. If not, E-mail me exactly
> what happens, and I might be able to diagnose your problem....
> Also, 3Com is good about giving out docs. I got them with a developer's fax
> order form. Ask 3Com for it. Also, where can other that 8K vortex cards be
> found?
> Phillip Dillinger