Re: 3c590

Phillip Dillinger (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 10:28:16 -0800

> Phillip, are you working with Don Becker on this? I've been talking to
> him recently about the same problems that people are describing. He has
> sent me a little patch and I may have been the reason that he's updated
> the driver recently. However, he didn't mention that somebody else (you)
> have been working on something that might help. Quite frankly, it appears
> that you might be working independently and haven't talked to him. If
> this is the case I'd urge you to do so. There isn't much point in having
> his official driver and an alternative one both in active development.
> Please don't take offense, but Donald Becker has been a well respected
> Linux developer for years now and you appear to be coming out of the blue.
> In absence of any knowledge of you I'm inclined to listen to DB. And if
> you are making valuable improvements I'd trust them more if I knew that DB
> was aware of them and including them in the official driver.
> --Eric

I just found the vortex mailing list today and joined, and I've had very
different problems that anybody else so I started working alone on a driver
that will work on my particular motherboard.

Now that I am on the vortex list, I hope to work with Donald Becker because
he has all of the experience already with net drivers.

Phillip Dillinger