Re: 3c590

Phillip Dillinger (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 09:35:44 -0800

> Hi,
> Is anyone looking into the broken 3c590 ethernet card driver? It seems
> people on v0.25 and the alleged latest v0.28c-all, get random hangs after
> various periods of time.
> I'm also getting "eth0: transmitter access conflict" a fair bit.
> Performance when transmitting also seems poor.
> I've seen other reports to this effect. Is this driver broken for
> everyone? Just people with the newer 8k boards? Or what?
> And I assume 3com are not helpful with Linux drivers. Another company we
> should all blacklist if that is the case...
> Cheers,
> Chris.
I am working on an improved 3c59x driver. I posted a diff on linux-kernel
yesterday, and it might have fixed your problems. If not, E-mail me exactly
what happens, and I might be able to diagnose your problem....

Also, 3Com is good about giving out docs. I got them with a developer's fax
order form. Ask 3Com for it. Also, where can other that 8K vortex cards be

Phillip Dillinger