Re: POSIX compatibility?

Ulrich Drepper (
09 Dec 1996 16:25:47 +0100 (Harald Koenig) writes:

> > could somebody enlighten me? According to POSIX.1 the following
> > program should exit with status 0:
> not really an explanation but a pointer:
> if you're really only using read(2) for reading, things work as expected:

Hhm, the test case appears in the form I posted in the POSIX test
suite and I assume POSIX 2003.1 explicitly mentions this test.

I looked a bit through the arch specific signal handling but haven't
understood it really. There is already some special handling for
returning calls to a signal handler. It tests whether a syscall was
interrupted but I cannot find out what really happens. The POSIX test
makes me think that at least for some syscalls the syscall should be
aborted with EINTR.

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