Re: Mysterious reboot

Thomas Koenig (
9 Dec 1996 15:59:23 +0100

In, "Bjarni R. Einarsson" <> wrote:

[mysterious crash]

>I had SMBFS and VFAT (is this the long file name stuff you meant?), and
>anything else having to do with WinXX, *available* as modules only.

Same thing here.

>I was
>running kerneld, so it should automagically load the needed modules if
>something like that happened. Shouldn't it?

This is different from what I'm doing; I am not running kerneld. I
just keep the module around in case I want to mount something.

Some things I didn't mention before, because I very much doubt they can
have an effect, but anyway:

I also have an smbd/nmbd running, plus amd.

>But why in the world would it do that? I'm not mounting any drives from
>the NT boxes, nor exporting anything, so why should Linux care what the NT
>box does?

Here, the guy who was sitting before the NT box was playing around to
see what filesystems he could reach; I got several attempts to mount my
exported NFS filesystems. I have my nfsd (port 2049) and the ports 137
through 139 firewalled away from his machine, though.

I also run the iBCS module, but I can't for the world think of any
reason why this would affect this.