Re: Linux and 6x86

Yakko J. Warner (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 18:53:58 -0500 (EST)

Mike Jagdis wrote this:

>>i tried the cyrix patch #3, and it patched in mostly clean (had to manually
>>patch linux/arch/i386/defconfig), and compiled cleanly. i was able to make
>>modules, and all that (this is 2.1.14, btw). on booting this new kernel,
>>however, the machine hangs when VFS goes to mount / as read-only. tried
>>commenting out the SUSP_HLT part in head.S- no change.. so, i backed the
>>changes out..
>>dunno what step/rev this 6x86-150 i have is.. i bought it in july of 96..
>>if there's an easy way of determining the step/rev of this chip, i'd
>Build with the VSPM option disabled and, if it boots, cat /proc/cpuinfo.
>How much memory do you have installed?

i (now) have 96MB RAM in this thing.. i re-acquired the patch, and will make
without VSPM.. (had 40MB RAM before)

OBTW- according to the Cyrix FAQ, i have a step1 R6 chip..

'kay bye.
Chris [unix geek and loving it.. oh, if you ask real nice, i do NT..]

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