Re: Linux box finds it hard to wake up

Mike Bremford (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 16:53:28 +0000

I get a simliar problem when I've just booted the machine... I've been
trying to track it down, and have narrowed it down to NFS I think.
When I get my "login:" prompt, I enter name+password, I get the "Last
login xx/xx/xx" message, and then I sit there for anything up to a
minute for it to log me on. If I remove nfsd and nfsiod from the
startup scripts, it only take 5 or so seconds (innd causes this, but
it's bearable).

I'm on a PPP link, so maybe it's trying to resolve something that's
not there.

The other odd thing is if I boot into runlevel 5 and log in through
XDM, there's no delay at all... spooky...

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Subject: Linux box finds it hard to
Author: "Peter Eyes Eiserloh" <>
at Internet
Date: 30/10/96 16:41

Peter Hunter said:
>My users complain that telneting in first thing in the morning takes a very
>long time (order of minutes). This morning, I actually saw it for myself.

Does your BOIS do power management, such as spinning down your disks
after a certain period of inactivity? If so part of the pause is when the
disks are spinning up to access your filesystem. But, this should only take
about 15 seconds or so.

Peter P. Eiserloh