Re: unusual startup messages

Oskar Pearson (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 19:35:25 +0200 (GMT)


> >I think it's more of it's written in the US, and getting it in the kernel
> >requires exporting it, which is illegal (tho reimplamenting it is legal,
> >as is exporting a description of what needs doing, and I suspect that a
> >patch is more than a description).
> Hmmm.. I don't really get this bit of information. You're saying the kernel is
> written in the US, which it's not, so that couldn't be a reason.

> It's absolutely right though, that according to the ammunition law of the US,
> the im- and export of DES encryption software, or DES encrypted data is
> illegal, unless you have a good reason and a permit to do so. Building it in
> the kernel isn't a problem, sending it to people in Europe isn't a problem
> either, but people from the US, and Linus himself, would be prosecutable if
> anyone downloaded that kernel that resides in the US. (Completely moronic laws?

And once Linus moves to the States?

I wonder, is it illegal to code and compile encryption software in Finland
while you are sitting in the US ;)

Will they shoot him if he then downloads it?

And more importantly:
Will they refuse him a green card on the basis that he *might* do it?