Re: Plea: re-indent the kernel source

Jens-Uwe Mager (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 18:38:39 GMT

In article <>, Olaf Titz <> wrote:

> Ray Van Tassle-CRV004 <> wrote:
> > And, yes, the Great Implementor made tab stops every 8 characters, but 8 is
> > just TOO BIG for indentation. Your point about limiting nesting level to
> Worse, in my eyes which rest on an 80-column screen, are the comments
> in large portions of the networking code which frequently go beyond
> the 80-column border...

I think the best way to comment code is to insert a block comment (without
fancy delimiting lines) at the same indent level as the code that it is
commenting on, anything else does not improve legibilty of the code.
Especially keeping the same indent level helps to keep an eye on structure.
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