Anthony Plack (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 12:19:08 -0500

IMO, Modules are great. Lots of possiblilites.

Do we see the modules in Linux ever becoming a "seperate" entity so that
they are not so kernel specific?

As more modules come into the kernel, I see the opportunity for some
standard "interface" depending on the type of module.

I cannot see why the module for the 3c509 and the ne2000 have seperate
imports and exports that are different from each other. Would this not
clean up the kernel IO interfaces a little bit?

I am thinking of something like the Novell or Microsoft drivers that
they load. In a sense, you could call them modules, the only difference
is that they have a common calling structure.

I know that the disadvantage to this is lack of optimization. Every
time we standardize, we seem to seek the lowest common denominator but
we could work to minimize this by having these "optional" hooks in the
kernel. What I mean by optional is that the module does not fail to run
because they are not there.

Am I thinking straight here?