Re: Plea: re-indent the kernel source

Warner Losh (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 19:35:40 -0600

: > And, yes, the Great Implementor made tab stops every 8 characters, but 8 is
: > just TOO BIG for indentation. Your point about limiting nesting level to
: Use a 132 column screen (in fact most of the net code is formatted for
: 132 colums). 8 spaces is right IMHO, and in a lot of other peoples.

However, one can always set the tab width to 4 if one uses hard tabs
for said indentation. I view the BSD sources often with four position
tabs, and it isn't too horrible generally. Might not be a bad
workaround for people that don't have 132 column screens.

Its when tabs and spaces are mixed that it becomes a problem.

As for the Linux kernel, I don't care enough one way or another, so if
Linus wants to do this, let him. :-)