compiling 2.0.20

M Shariful Anam (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 06:07:37 +0600 (GMT+0600)


Thanx to all who replied to my earlier mail on compiling 2.0.7 on 1.2.13
+ gcc 2.5.7. Now, I have upgraded all the stuff (gcc 2.7.0, libc 5.2.18
and all). I've even booted from a precompiled 2.0.7 kernel. But still am
getting the "segmentation fault" problem.

I did everything, make mrproper, make config, make dep, make clean and
them make zImage. The last thing I noticed was that the error messages
(seg. fault) was being given by ld. Here is the exact line:

ld -r -o kernel.o ksyms.o sched.o [blah blah] sysctl.o
make[2]: *** [kernel.o] Segmentation fault

I then entered these to check:
ld -r ksyms.o
ld -r ksyms.o sched.o -o asd.o

All of these produced "segmentation fault". Is it natural or any problem
with my ld? I was using binutils, 1.7.14

I'm really pissed off! The same thing is happening on 4 different
machines, it just can't be a hardware problem!

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