Re: new HP CD-Writer

Eric Youngdale (
Sun, 8 Oct 1995 10:15:41 -0400

>"cdwrite" doesn't presently drive it, and I'm booting Windows 3.1
>(the only choice HP gives you for now) to write CDs. I'm attempting
>to pry the SCSI command set details out of HP. I don't have an Orange
>Book to refer to. I'd assume, given the price, that this drive doesn't
>have much of a buffer, and may need some attention to the device driver
>to assure the uninterrupted data stream that CD writers demand.

I spoke to HP about it a couple of days ago. The drive itself is
a Philips, but HP wrote their own firmware. The data sheet shows a 1Mb
buffer, and it is 1x, 2x and 4x in reading and 1x and 2x in writing.

They have not yet decided whether to release the programming details
- they mentioned the possibility of charging royalties for it (in the hopes
that someone will come up with a commercial product). The other
possibility was that they would just put the docs on their BBS. They had not
decided, and suggested that I check back in a month or so. Anyone who is
interested in this might want to give them a call and respectfully suggest
that putting the docs on the BBS would be a much better thing to do :-).

The Windows software that comes with it does not work with Win95 -
that will be released at some later date.


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